What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Wiin Investments is a great company to work with! I was in a difficult spot going through a divorce and having to sell the family homes. Wiin made it a very easy process in a difficult situation. I give my hat off to them. They were great at working a deal with both myself and my estranged husband. After putting up the family home that we lived in for 30 years, it is always hard to detach from that. There was so much cosmetic work to be completed that I could’t see any possible way to put this on the market as funds were tight as it was. When I received the call from WIIN, I was shocked as I just didn’t know what to do . They offered to go and look at the house and make an offer that we both could ultimately agree on outside the legal process of lawyers. I am very grateful for his phone call and reassurance that this was going to work out. I would definitely recommend WIIN Investments to anyone in the situation I was in. They took the time to talk with me and understood my situation to the very end.

- Stacey Johnson

I am writing this letter in regards the help I received from WIINLLC. I had received a letter some time back about selling my house. I called WIIN and they asked if I wanted to sell my home. I had tried to sell it on my own for some time and had placed it on Craigslist and had it for sale by owner, but I wasn’t getting too far plus I had to deal with a bunch of tire kickers who wasted my time, as I am a very busy man. They made everything very simple. I wish now that I had taken their offer then versus letting 5 months go just to give them a call back. I am happy things happened a lot faster than what they said it would to get things wrapped up which was even better for me in this circumstance. I love it when companies under promise and over deliver for me as they did. I would highly recommend WIIN Investments to anyone who is looking to sell their property. They made the whole transaction very smooth and headache free.

- Mostafa Vadipour

I am writing this letter to let it be known that my wife and I have had a great experience selling a house. This is because WIIN Investments made it all come together so smoothly. Everything that they promised they would do, they did. It was very convenient. They took care of any problem we needed worked out with the paperwork. They also got rid of our terrible squatter problem!! They made sure to always keep good communication during the whole sale. I would recommend WIIN Investments to anyone, anytime! They are awesome!

- Milton and Leslie Summers

I am writing this statement regarding WIIN Investments. They came along just when a house which was on the market was almost lost. Thank goodness for Wiin! They came along and purchased the property on time. It took less than 30 days to confirm the sale of this property. Wiin was Honest, up front, and they communicated with me and my family throughout the process. WIIN Investments is multiple steps ahead in the real estate market in customer service and integrity.

- Terry Bullock Richardson

Wow what can I say? I had the house listed with a large Real Estate firm that held one open house in three months. WIIN Investments called me several times over the months to come and use their services. We we’re not pressured, but we could feel they truly wanted to help. My parents passed away last year. We live in California and the property was in Arizona made it dufficult to navigate through all the processes. This made it very difficult to process the sale of the home. Wiin stated that they would take care of everything from taxes to HOA, repairs, and the upgrading of the home. I received a check for the house within3 weeks of the contract. Wiin investments is a top notch company! They say what they do and do what they say. By far an award winning investment company. If they state that they will do something, it will be done.

- Randy Jensen

I purchased my townhouse on 72nd ave and Camelback back in 2012 and decided to rent it out for cashflow. After years of dealing with renters, I was ready to sell it. I had initially listed my property however rather than spend months with it listed, I decided to cancel my listing and go with WIIN and their offer. They closed very quickly, took the property as-is, and was very respectful to the tenants who were month to month at the time. Not only that but I nearly doubled by return and got a great cash on cash return. I was very satisfied with my overall experience and I am currently working with him to liquidate more of my properties. I would recommend WIIN to anyone who is in a similar situation, whether that be wanting to get a great cash on cash return on your initial investment or is someone simply doesn’t want to wait for the long drawn out process and waste time that goes along with listing a property. Thank you WIIN and I wish much success to you and anyone who reads this.

- Mark King

I want to thank you for quickly selling our deceased relatives house and agreeing to purchase it in its existing condition in such a short time. Your reactions to our ongoing probate situation in such a timely manner without pressure, helped us to complete our extremely long, ongoing probate. Thank you from the entire Ramsey family.

- Joyce Ramsey

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Wiin Investments. I was contacted by WIIN when they saw that I put my house on craigslist  to sell. When I was contacted, they explained they explained who there were, gave me information on the company, and informed me of how simple the process of selling my home could be. I Found them to be very professional and courteous throughout the whole process You can count on being completely informed and any questions being answered! If our paths should cross again, it would be a joy to work with WIIN Investments again.



- Valerie De Lucchi

My name is Karen Sandhurst and I’m writing this to tell my experience with Wiin Investments. I am a grandmother raising two grandchilden. I needed to sell my house so I could move to Michigan. Wiin was recommended to me by a friend. He came in and took out all of the stress and made it so easy to just concentrate on what I needed. He was always there to help with whatever popped up and to explain the process we were going through. I would recommend Wiin Investments to anyone. Thanks for the worry free move!

- Karen Sandhurst

Having recently completed a particularly difficult real estate transaction involving my property on Garfield Drive, I cannot express how satisfied I am with the way the way Wiin investments was able to come in and assist in my situation. I have been trying to sell a property in Phoenix for more than 10 years, but was not able to do so due to some title complications. after dealing with a number of real estate agents, Wiin investments were the only ones persistent and tenacious enough to follow through and make the deal happen. All communication was clear and courteous. I would highly recommend Wiin Investments to anyone looking to sell a property.

- William Wing